It's a normal day in the Papa Louie Universe when Papa Louie tells Delivery Boy Roy that he is working on a new resturant. It's a mystery and only him, Roy, Foodini, & his finest workers at his resturants shall know.

Playable Characters

  • Papa Louie (Tool Attack: Pizza Paddle, Pack Attack: Shoulder Charge)
  • Delivery Boy Roy (Tool Attack: Throwable Pizzas, Pack Attack: Hat Boomerrang)
  • Foodini (Tool Attack: Balloon, Pack Attack: Hat Cannon)

P.S. When Foodini uses his hat cannon, a new hat will appear on Foodini's head.

Mission Givers

  • Marty
  • Taylor
  • Willow


The toys will be bought with game tickets

  • The Deilvery Truck (Vehicle)
  • Spatula (Tool)
  • Burger Cannon (Works like the Cannons in POTC playset)
  • Throwable Tacos (Pack)
  • Freezeria Cannon (Tool)
  • Pancake Copter (Vehicle)
  • Wing Gun (Tool)
  • Hotdog Launcher  (Works like the Cannons in POTC playset)
  • Throwable Cupcakes (Pack)
  • Papa's Burgeria (Building Object)
  • Papa's Taco Mia! (Building Object)
  • Papa's Freezeria (Building Object)
  • Papa's Pancakeria (Building Object)
  • Papa's Wingeria (Building Object)
  • Papa's Hotdogeria (Building Object)
  • Papa's Cupcakeria (Building Object)
  • Papa's Pasteria (Building Object)
  • Papa's ULTIMATEria (Unlocked when beating the playset) (Building Object)