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WageGannon6 Infinity is a parody of Disney Infinity.


Collectible Figures

......Are kept.


......Are known as Worlds.

Red Power Discs

.......Are called Upgrade Discs and now yellow.

Hexagonal Power Discs

........Are now square shaped.

Sky/Terrian Power Discs

.......Keep their name but the sky ones are red and the terrian ones are green.

Toys from Toy Store & Power Discs

........Are called Things, the Toy Store is called Thing Store, and the power discs are blue.

Toy Box

.........Is known as Creative Zone

New Stuff


Sidekicks are like little followers like the Nanos from Fusionfall and have special powers when fighting bad guys.


When a character reaches level 6, they will unlock a costume that can be used in-game.

Playable Characters

Some characters come from WageGannon6 series & third party series

(*=Only avaible in Creative Zone)

Name Series Costume Notes
Wage Uglydolls Tae Kwon Wage Starter Pack
Babo Uglydolls Power Babo Sidekicks Pack/Single Pack
Jeero Uglydolls Workout Jeero Single Pack
Ox Uglydolls Money Bag Ox Helpers Pack/Single Pack
Tray Uglydolls Glasses Tray Single Pack
Kerb Kerb the Pig Crowned Kerb Starter Pack
Rico Kerb the Pig Ducky Tube Rico Sidekicks Pack/Single Pack
Chop Chop Kerb the Pig Naked Chop Chop Helpers Pack/Single Pack
Mikey Tech Deck Dudes Comedy Show Evil Mikey Starter Pack
Stevie J Tech Deck Dudes Comedy Show Shirtless Stevie Sidekicks Pack/Single Pack
Sumo San Tech Deck Dudes Comedy Show Combat Sumo San Helpers Pack/Single Pack
U.B. U.B. Funkeys Adventures Surfer U.B. U.B. Funkeys World Pack
Deuce U.B. Funkeys Adventures Disco Deuce Single Pack
Nuke U.B. Funkeys Adventures Eygptian Nuke Single Pack
Twinx U.B. Funkeys Adventures Popstar Twinx U.B. Funkeys World Pack
Finn Adventure Time Hatless Finn Adventure Time World Pack
Jake Adventure Time Jake with hat Adventure Time World Pack
Papa Louie Papa's Gameria Summer Papa Louie Papa Louie World Pack
Delivery Boy Roy Papa's Gameria Classic Roy Single Pack
Foodini Papa's Gameria Inverted Colors Foodini Papa Louie World Pack
Zigel* 3-2-1 Penguins! Space Gus Zigel Single Pack
Minion Carl* Dispicable Me Disguised Carl Single Pack
Chris Kirkman* Bravest Warriors Tuxedo Chris Single Pack
Beth Tezuka* Bravest Warriors Swimsuit Beth Single Pack
Ami* Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Cowgirl Ami Ami Yumi Creative Zone Pack
Yumi* Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Ninja Yumi Ami Yumi Creative Zone Pack
Gorilla* Glove & Boots Maid Gorilla Single Pack
Bugs Bunny* Looney Tunes Purple Bugs Looney Tunes Creative Zone Pack
Daffy Duck* Looney Tunes Duck Dodgers Looney Tunes Creative Zone Pack


  • Uglydolls World
  • Kerb the Pig World
  • Tech Deck Dudes Comedy Show World
  • U.B. Funkeys Adventures World
  • Adventure Time World
  • Papa Louie World