The Tarzan playset is so far the seventh playset to be confirmed for Disney Infinity and is based on the 1999 Disney move Tarzan. The playset takes place during Tarzan's childhood (explaining Jane's and Clayton's absence) in the jungle itself. In it, you are able to play as Tarzan and Terk. The main task in this playset is exploring the jungle by sliding down and swinging on climbs and save gorillas and monkeys from Sabor's attacks.

Tantor, Kala, Kerchak, other Gorillas and Monkeys appear as non-playable, supportive characters. Sabor is the main antagonist of the playset, threatening both the gorillas, monkeys and Tarzan.


  • Tarzan's Treehouse appears as a building object.
  • Tantor, a rideable object in the toy box, can also be riden here.
  • Slideable vines will be unlocked for use in the toybox as soon as this playset is completed.