Tarzan is the title character and one of the main protagonists of Disney's 1999 hit movie Tarzan as well as its sequels and tv series. He is an expanison character for Disney INFINITY as is raised by Gorillas in the jungles of Africa. Tarzan will be released in May 2014 as part of the Tarzan Playset which comes with the playset itself and Terk.


As a "gorilla", Tarzan equips some of a gorilla's fighting techniques like headbutting. Like his older self, he can throw spears.

Tarzan (1999)

As the son of a couple who were killed during an attack of Sabor, Tarzan was adopted and raised by Kala, wife of pack leader Kerchak. Years later, when Tarzan was all grown up into a strong and brave man, he met Jane Porter, her scientist father and their "bodyguard" John Clayton. Latter intended to capture and sell Tarzan's herd to zoos all along. However, this was successfully prevented and Tarzan fell in love with Jane.



  • Tarzan, since he didn't met Jane yet and therefore didn't learn the human language yet, speaks in gorilla language.
    • This makes him, next to Perry and Sparky, the only character not to speak english (or any other language depending on the game's version).