Kermit the Frog
is a character created by Jim Henson, and the leader of the Muppets. He is the main protagonist of the Muppet franchise, and is a playable character in the Muppets Most Wanted playset. He is also playable in Disney Infinity 3.0 as a toy box exclusive character..

Attack 1: a hard hit with a banjo

Attack 2: shoulder charge

Quotes In Game

When Spawned

  • Hi ho, it's great to see ya again!
  • Hi ho, Kermit the Frog, here! Are you ready to have some fun?
  • I'd say it's time to get things started with this show!

In Combat

  • I hope he didn't get too hurt.
  • Looks like it's not that easy bein' him, right now.
  • Sorry, couldn't help it!
  • Ouch!
  • Sheesh!
  • You'll pay for that!

Character Interaction

  • Piggy? You're here too?
  • Hiya, Fozzie!
  • Hi ho, Walter!
  • Gonzo? Shouldn't you be practicing the Indoor Running of the Bulls?
  • How's that turkey comming along, Chef?
  • Try not to break anything, Animal!


  • I wonder if there's a swamp, nearby?
  • I need to get going, soon. Our next show isn't too far away.
  • I hope Animal doesn't ruin the stage while I'm gone.
  • Someday, we'll find it. The rainbow connection.
  • I wonder how Piggy's doing?
  • This is more fun than scum scraping at my family's swamp!
  • Boy, what I would give to go for a swim. It's hot, here!
  • Maybe I should check on Robin after we play.