This is a page of what I, Golden8King, imagines Wave 3 to contain and such. Please, don't put other ideas on here as you're free to create your own pages here. I'll also create pages for how I imagine the figurines to be like like adding bios, gameplay, trivia and self-made sketches on how the figurines would look like. I am imagine them to be released from end march to end may.

  • Alice in Wonderland (2010 movie) playet:
    • Playset comes with a Tarrant Hightopp figurine and a Red Queen figurine.
    • Plus, a Alice figurine is purchasable seperately.
  • Up pack:
    • Comes with both, a Carl Fredricksen figurine and a Russell figurine
    • A Kevin power disc is also included
  • Genie figurine from Aladdin
  • Tron: Legacy  pack:
    • Comes with both, a Rinzler figurine and a Quorra figurine
    • A Sam Flynn figurine is purchasable seperately
  • Tarzan playset:
    • Playset comes with a Tarzan figurine and a Terk figurine.
  • Ariel figurine from Ariel the Mermaid
  • Kim Possible playet:
    • Playset comes with a Kim Possible figurine and a Shego figurine.
    • A Ron Stoppable figurine and a Dr. Drakken figurine will be sold seperately.

Well, this page is gonna be updated when I'll get more ideas. Hope you like it so far. Bye!