Fozzie Bear is a playable character in the Muppets Most Wanted Playset. He is a comedian who has his own segment on The Muppets Show, and is very popular in many Muppet films.

Attack 1: pie throw

Attack 2: shoulder charge


When Spawned

  • Hiya hiya hiya there, I'm Fozzie Bear!
  • Ready for some funny fun?
  • Oh, it's been forever! How have you been?

In Combat

  • How's THIS flavor?
  • Ouch! That hit was un-BEAR-able! Get it? Bear? Ah, Wocka Wocka!
  • That felt worse than the time I slipped on a banana peel down 243 steel stairs.

Character Interaction

  • Hiya hiya hiya, Kermit!
  • Hey Miss Piggy, did you hear the one about the karate pig?
  • Walter! How have you been?
  • Hey Chef, I might need you to make me more pies to throw. I'm running a bit low.
  • Keep it crazy, Animal!
  • Hey Gonzo, how's your canonball catching comming along?


  • Wow, this is looking great!
  • I need to remember to practice my segment, later on.
  • I hope those two old hecklers aren't anywhere around here.