This is deuce20 and these are my wave 3 ideas that would be awesome to have in disney infinity

1. Create a Aladdin playset pack that includes Jasmine (chests are Palace, Magic Lamp, Aladdin's house, and Iago pet) and Aladdin (chests are Aladdin costume, stolen items breakable, shopkeeper enemy, and Market) along with a magic carpet power disc. (jafar found in villains pack)

2. Make a Disney Princess pack that includes Ariel,(chests are Grotto, King triton's triton, King triton costume, and Sea creatures pets.) Belle,(chests include Beast costume, Lumeire critter, Inanimate animates pet pack, and Enchanted tales with Belle) and Aurora (chests include spindle, Good fairies pack, Prince Phillip townsperson, and Aurora townsperson)

3. Make a Villains pack 2 that includes Jafar, Zurg (chests include Pizza Planet, elevator shaft, toy pet pack, and the ZurgsMobile) and Captain Hook (chests include crocodile pet, bomb, and giant octopus pet)

4. Make a Peter Pan playset pack that includes Peter and Tinkerbell as figures (wendy and captain hook sold seperately)

5. Make a Herbie power disc

6. Pets are allowed which are basically critters with special powers that you can take into play sets

7. Make a Star Wars playset with Darth Vader (red lightsaber, Battle droid pet, dooku townsperson, and Vader townsperson in chests) and Luke Skywalker (blue lightsaber, droid pets, Luke townsperson, and Anakin Townsperson) C-3PO, Princess Leia, and Obi-wan-Kenobi sold seperately

8. Make Muppets figures.
Aladdin play set only

Aladdin play set