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Cartoons Infinity is a parody of Disney Infinity.


Collectible Figures

......Now have a detachable platform that you swap around and play on other worlds.


......Are known as Worlds.

Red Power Discs

.......Are called Upgrade Discs and now yellow.

Hexagonal Power Discs

........Are now square shaped and now blue.

Sky/Terrian Power Discs

.......Keep their name but the sky ones are red and the terrian ones are green and are triangular shaped.

Toys from Toy Store & Power Discs

........Are called Things, the Toy Store is called Thing Store, and the power discs are purple.

Toy Box

.........Is known as Creative Zone

New Stuff

Palette Swaps

It's where you change the player's color like in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Playable Characters

(*=Only available in Creative Zone)

Name Series Palette Swaps Notes Release Date Wave
Berk The Trap Door Red, Orange, Yellow Starter Pack August 18, 2013 (Launch) 1
Rogg Green, Buck Teeth, Clothes Single Character Pack/Sidekicks Pack
Bubo Invisible, Mud-covered, Punk Single Character Pack/Rivals Pack
Keroro Sgt. Frog Afro, Blue, Beard Starter Pack
Fuyuki Green Shirt, Periwinkle Shirt, Orange Shirt Single Character Pack/Sidekicks Pack
Giroro Afro, Solid Snake's colors, Rambo's colors Single Character Pack/Rivals Pack
Tamama Afro, Fat, Woman Wig Single Character Pack
Natsumi Bikini, Child, Angol Mois' colors Single Character Pack/Girl Power Pack
Bullwinkle J. Moose Rocky & Bullwinkle TBA Starter Pack
Rocket "Rocky" J. Squirrel TBA Single Character Pack/Sidekicks Pack
Mr. Big TBA Single Character Pack/Rivals Pack
Captain N (Kevin Keene) Captain N: The Game Master TBA Captain N: The Game Master World Pack
Simon Belmont TBA Single Character Pack
Game Boy TBA
Princess Lana TBA Captain N: The Game Master World Pack
Bill Sitting Ducks TBA Sitting Ducks World Pack
Aldo TBA
Gizmo the Mogwai* Gremlins Rambo, 1984 Look, Ninja Single Character Pack October 5, 2013 2
Wallace Wallace and Gromit TBA Wallace & Gromit World Pack October 22, 2013
Gromit TBA
Shaun the Sheep TBA Single Character Pack October 1, 2013
Princess Bowser* Bowser's Journey (Random-ness Wiki) TBA Single Character Pack/Girl Power Pack November 22, 2013
Shrek* Shrek TBA Single Character Pack/Shrek Creative Zone Pack
Princess Fiona* TBA Single Character Pack/Shrek Creative Zone Pack/Girl Power Pack November 24, 2013
Princess Peach* Launched (Random-ness Wiki) Orange, Blue, Green Single Character Pack/Launched Creative Zone Pack November 26, 2013
Princess Rosalina* Red, Green, White
Raving Rabbid* Rabbids Grey, Female, Frog Rabbid Single Character Pack January 26, 2014 3
Stoppit* Stoppit and Tidyup Blue, Orange, Pink Single Character Pack/Stoppit and Tidyup Creative Zone Pack April 1, 2014
Tidyup* Green, Yellow, Inverted Colors

Non-Playable Characters

Cast Members

Name Series Notes
Boni The Trap Door None
Drut The Trap Door None
The Thing Upstairs The Trap Door None
Kululu Sgt. Frog None
Dororo Sgt. Frog None
Aki Sgt. Frog None
Angol Mois Sgt. Frog None





More soon.





  • The Trap Door-Pirates of the Carribean
  • Sgt. Frog-The Incredibles
  • Rocky & Bullwinkle-Monsters University
  • Captain N: The Game Master-Cars
  • Sitting Ducks-The Lone Ranger
  • Gremlins-The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Wallace & Gromit-Toy Story
  • Bowser's Journey (Random-ness Wiki)-Tangled
  • Shrek-Wreck-It Ralph
  • Launched (Random-ness Wiki)-Frozen
  • Rabbids-Fantasia
  • Stoppit and Tidyup-Phineas and Ferb