The Andy's Room Playset is the Second Playset on the Toy Story franchise. The playset comes with 3 new characters and uses Woody, Buzz, and Jessie from the previous "Toy Story In Space" playset.



  • Rex (Can Roar like Sulley)
  • Slinky Dog (Uses coil as a long ranged attack)
  • Zurg (Has Blaster)


  • Woody
  • Buzz
  • Jessie


You go through Andy's Room visiting the main room and can go through other rooms like the Living Room, Garage, etc. You get tasks from many other Toys like Mr. Potatoe Head and Bo Peep.

Items in Playset

  • Lenny (Binnoculars to see far distances)
  • RC (Car that you can drive)
  • Many Classic Toy Story Blocks, Sky, and other goodies)