Adorabeezle is a pretty and young racer in the film Wreck-It-Ralph. She is a upcoming playable character in a Disney Infinity future.
Adorabeezle Winterpop


Adorabeezle Winterpop is a pretty young girl with very pale cerise "frostbitten" skin, rosy cheeks and lips, thin blue eyes, and dark cobalt hair pulled back in a plaited braid. She wears a navy blue jacket with white, fluffy trim on top of a USA flag shirt, a blue skirt with light blue polka dots, and navy leggings. She also wears a winter flap with dangly cherry earrings at the hats ends and matching boots that are decorated with the same trim. Her clothing is adorned with peppermints and other similar candies. Her racing outfit consists of her usual outfit along with a red, white, and blue racing helmet with a blue visor.


Adorabeezle could smack enemies with a popsicle stick. If you charge her attack, it releases an ice cream at enemies. Her second ability is to toss a popsicle like a projectile.

Character chests

Adorabeezle's chests unlocks her costume, her kart, the Ice Rocket, and a popsicle stick.


(When spawned) "Oh hi, I'm Adorabeezle. It's very nice to play with you today."

(Meets Vanellope) "Hiya Vani! How's it going?"

(To others) "It's very nice to meet you."

(Spawned again) "Hello there. Now, are you ready for another adventure?"

(Spawned after a few days) "I've missed you! I was starting to think you raced off the track. But that's crazy, right?"

(Meets Wreck-It-Ralph) "Now, can you tell me who you are, again?"

(Meets Jubileena) Oh hey, Jubileena. How ya doin'?